artist J. Kent Martin in suit head shot

J. Kent Martin

“Every brushstroke and every texture is a story. My art seeks to explore the depths of our human experience through my experiments. I work with a wide variety of mediums and techniques, appreciating how they react to each other depending on the conditions of the day. I enjoy the element of surprise in my creative process which I believe parallels life in general. Like life, the pieces I create, the meaning, and what they represent are realized through this process. It’s reflective of the beauty yet unpredictability of life.”

J. Kent Martin (b. 1967) is a Springfield Missouri-based artist noted for his abstract paintings influenced by the raw aesthetics of modern architecture and the charm of contemporary building structures. Pushing the boundaries of abstract expressionism, and having spent his entire working life in various aspects of the home furnishings industry, his body of work explores the relationship between a variety of mediums and techniques to create pieces that bridge the gaps between architecture, interior design, and fine art.
J. is a passionate advocate for social justice and equality. Utilizing his ever-evolving art to ignite dialogues, J. hopes to engage his audience in conversations that could drive social change. His work can be found in private collections across the United States and Europe.

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